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Eastern Sierra News for June 15, 2024





Phone surveys in Mammoth have left as many questions as they ask. Question number one – who are they? The surveyors, that is.

A handful of Mammoth residents are reporting that they have received phone calls asking about town politics.

The caller asked questions about what people think the big issues in town are and who the call recipient plans to vote for in the coming council elections. When asked who sponsored these phone surveys the caller wont say, but refers the question to the County Clerks office.

When we called the County Clerk’s office, Election Department, staff had not heard of an official survey, though staff did say that the Clerks office had received two other calls asking who had sponsored these surveys. A survey doesn’t have to be official with the county, but staff explained that the survey should have the county’s approval if they are going to be telling people to call the county to verify.