While lower then the state average unemployment in the Eastern Sierra continues to rise.traffic-bishop.jpg

For the year 2008, the unemployment rate for Inyo County averaged 6.7%. Mono County checked in with 6.5% unemployment for the past year.

Both Inyo and Mono checked in below the statewide 2008 average of 7.2%, but unemployment in the Eastern Sierra is on the upswing. In January of 2008 Inyo County started the year with 6.3% unemployment. This had grown to 8.1% by December.

With seasonal employment and falling snow, the unemployment rate in Mono County is actually down from 8.3% in October to 7.5% in December, but the year as a whole has seen unemployment on the rise. Mono County started 2008 with a low 4.4% unemployment that grew to 7.5% in December which was up over 2% from December 2007.

The number of people looking for full time work is up in the Eastern Sierra, but not so high as the state as a whole. The unemployment rate for California reached 9.1% in December.

Between 1994 and 1997, Mono County unemployment ran above 10% before starting to drop in 1998. Inyo and Mono County have both fluctuated near 5% between 2000 and 2007.

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