With new investigations into possible Manson Family Graves at the Barker Ranch based on cutting edge science and specially trained dogs, the final answer to these old question remains underground. The man that spurred this investigation, Mammoth Police Sgt. Paul Dostie is confident that that his dog Buster is right.

dostiebuster.jpgIt may turn out that the sites Buster has found are older Native American burials, but Dostie says that the organic compounds found mechanically sniffed out Dr. Arpad Vass with the Oakridge National Laboratory, are believed to be more modern.

In the media, Buster is listed as a cadaver dog, but he's actually trained a bit differently to find historic gravesite. Dostie says that Buster is trained to sniff out the chemical compounds from decomposing bone matter as well as the decomposing flesh scents that ordinary cadaver dogs are trained on.

As for why he thinks the sites should be excavated, Dostie says that besides keeping convicted Manson Family members in prison, his investigations lead him to believe that other former Family members, not locked up, are "sweating bullets," with the media attention right now.

The Tate La Bianca murders of 1969, plus other Manson Family killings all occurred in Southern California. Over the years many have thought that there might be more victims buried at the Barker Ranch. If this turns out to actually be the case, then it might finally be possible to tell the full story about the Manson familys activities here in the Eastern Sierra.

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