Disaster Drill Hits August 23

When Los Angeles suffered an earthquake a few weeks back, scientists reminded us that the so-called "Big One" had not yet hit. Most expect one day it will. In fact, big earthquakes can hit anywhere in California. That's why the State and local counties will perform an all-out disaster drill Augusst 23rd based on a major earthquake.disaster_drill.jpg

Both Inyo and Mono counties will participate in their own county-wide disaster drills that day. Officials want to make sure the public knows it's just a drill. Police scanners will doubtless talk about the fake calamity, and it will sound real.

Mono County Sheriff's officials say that the full scale disaster exercise will take place to "assess the response capabilities of all public safety agencies within Mono County. The exercise," they said, "will be centered around a major earthquake that occurs somewhere in the county."

The exercise will start at 9am and last for several hours with venues in Mammoth, Bridgeport, the Marine training center and base housing. Officials will concentrate on communications, response, coordination and medical capacity.

A similar drill will unfold in Inyo County. Inyo officials have asked for volunteers to act as victims in the disaster exercise. They will provide scripts and food for the event. You don't have to be an actor.

Call Tamara Cohn at the Inyo County Health Department by August 20th. 873-7868.

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