CHP investigates accident at Convict Lake Road

chp_logo.jpgCHP BRIDGEPORT OFFICE Press Release – On Friday, December 27, 2013, at approximately 8:00 P.M., the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Bishop Communications Center received a call of a collision involving two vehicles at the intersection of US Hwy 395 and Convict Lake Road. Officers arrived on scene at approximately 8:05 P.M. Upon arrival, the officers observed a red Toyota pick-up and silver Toyota Camry, both with major front end damage, and a large amount of vehicle debris in the southbound lanes of US Hwy-395.

After contacting the involved parties, the investigating officer determined it to be a non-injury collision. Upon interviewing the involved parties, the investigating officer determined the collision occurred when Party #1, Peter Hensley of Fallbrook, CA, was driving his Toyota Camry eastbound on Convict Lake Road, just west of US Hwy 395, and came to a stop at a marked stop sign limit line. Party #2, Heidi Kuznitz of Crowley Lake, was driving her Toyota Tacoma southbound on US Hwy 395, just north of Convict Lake Road, at 70 MPH.

Mr. Hensley failed to yield the right-of-way to the approaching Tacoma as he allowed his Camry to enter the US Hwy 395 Southbound lanes and into the direct path of the Tacoma. Ms. Kuznitz attempted to take evasive action, however was unable to avoid the collision. The front of the Camry collided with the front right of the Tacoma. A passerby stopped at the scene of the collision and called 9-1-1. During the investigation, the investigating officer discovered Mr. Hensley had consumed an alcoholic beverage prior to driving his Camry. The investigating officer conducted a series of field sobriety tests and determined that although Mr. Hensley had consumed alcohol prior to driving, he was not under the influence at the time of the collision.

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9 years ago

You gotta give Toyota some credit for having a 70 mph collision with no injuries.