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Bob Todd, Morning On Air Talent For Sierra Wave Radio Alt 92.5 has passed.

Bob Todd, morning on air talent for Sierra Wave Radio Alt 92.5 has passed. Click below to hear audio. Bob Todd, morning on air talent for Sierra Wave Radio Alt 92.5 has passed. Hello, I’m Bill LeFever. In 1996, Benett Kessler started this company, Sierra Broadcasters, by putting on the air KDAY Radio, 92.5 FM. […]

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Enjoying perfection

Perfect. It’s such a cool word. When I told a girlfriend I’d rather go to a San Francisco Giants’ game with my friends than a birthday party for her sister, she said, “That’s just perfect.” So at least I was perfect that time. I’m guessing I’ve seen about 300 major-league baseball games, but I’ve never […]

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Of love and money

Sorry I’ve been gone so long. Been working on health-care reform. I know these things take time, but I’m officially sick of it. Wonder if I’m covered for that? Myself, I try to deal with insurance companies the least I possibly can, kind of like mosquitoes. *(Writer’s aside: I was pondering what to say instead […]

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Lucky Thumbs

Look, I’m not saying getting my thumbnails “done” during halftime Friday night’s game helped the Bishop Broncos beat the Frazier Mountain Falcons, I’m just saying it couldn’t have hurt. Just sayin’, as the kids say. And I’d also say “Say Say Say” is just a so-so song. Bishop led Frazier Mountain 18-0, but after the […]

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Count me in

So I was thinking I ought to actually sit down and blog again, and I spotthe story about the Ventura wildfire that was sparked by “spontaneouscombustion of manure” and wondered whether if it is really worth the risk. Ithink we can all relate to the plight of Plaxico Burress, the former NewYork Giant diva/receiver who […]

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Todds and ends

After every vacation – or at least the ones where I actually leave thearea – I’m always reminded that one of the great things about living inthe Eastern Sierra is the wide-open spaces. LADWP owns the water andthe land, but we do have great places to walk our dogs. Taz approves. However, reading our fine […]

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End of vacation daze

A few thoughts while I fight through my tears as vacation comes to an end: I knew I needed time off from work when a radio listener called and requested “Whata Wonderful World” and I screamed, “What’s so wonderful about it, man!” This is onlya slight exaggeration. An Angel winning streak that coincides with my […]

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Chillin’ and grillin’

Thoughts from an unwise white male: What are members of the Senate Judiciary Committee having for dinner tonight? Grilled Sonia Sotomayor! President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court wasn’t just answering questions, she was “getting grilled” by Congress. Abortion (seemed to sidestep the issue), reverse racial discrimination (wise Latina will really be grilled on that […]

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Here comes the judgment day…

Hi, I’m Bob, and I think I might become a blogaholic. Back in the day, I was a sportswriter, sports editor, sports philosopher and sports authority, or so I thought. Hell, I like to think I’m still at least one of those, on a good day, anyway. Delusion’s a good thing. Much like life itself, […]

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