Bureaucrat Beat: Freedom, already; Try Kindness; Corporate Caring?

He knew how to be a citizen. That’s what author David McCullough said about John Adams. McCullough won the Pulitzer for his Adams biography, the basis of the current HBO series. We in the Bureaucrat Beat Newsroom heard the author say that He knew how to be a citizen. Do we?

What did he mean by that? Adams was devoted to America, according to other historians. He staked his life on a new country and on Liberty. After some discussion over our coffee, the Bureaucrat Beat staff decided that we can live as good citizens when we remember freedom and make sure our elected and appointed officials, bureaucrats included, support our freedoms. Tyranny on any level just doesn’t cut it too many closed sessions included.

That was the problem with Mammoths bear issue too many secret meetings. You could say the trouble with both Inyo and Mono Supervisors meetings they happen during the day when most people work and they are held in towns far away from the majority of the population.

Advice to elected officials post a mental sign on your inner foreheads that say remember my constituents freedoms first.

We still have to field phone calls from Big Pine more complaints about the Postmaster. We choose not to debate the fine points of addresses. Instead, we suggest that the answer to the problems at the Big Pine Post Office, and elsewhere, is the lack of kindness. A kind attitude can take care of almost every problem. Please try that, Lupita, so your customers can quit suffering.

We could all use a little love from the oil companies. With their record profits and all, they could afford to drop the prices and let us have a better time of it at the pumps. Greed has the upper hand.

Whats the deal in Inyo County? We see that Mammoth officials and the LADWP have just about worked out a 50 year lease for Mammoth-Yosemite Airport. This helps get grant money since the FAA demands 20 years on a lease at all times.

Public Works Director said Inyo’s airport deal includes other terms and conditions that would allow potential development, which Mammoth probably didn’t include.

Inyo submitted a counter proposal to DWP’s draft at the end of 2007. Were keeping an eye on DWP’s lease dealings with the Eastern Sierra. The City has a virtual monopoly on ground leases and land needs here, so they should use a bit of that kindness we talked about earlier.

In fact, all business should adapt that bit of kindness. Earlier we said the oil fat cats should give us a little love instead of constant price hikes. We know folks need to make money, but the big guys don’t need to make a killing. Whatever happened to a fair profit in the corporate world?

Can we say oxymoron?

With that, this is Benett Kessler signing off for Bureaucrat Beat where we await your word on our lives in the Eastern Sierra and beyond.


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