Bishop’s Bank Robbery Investigation Continues

In small town Eastern Sierra few expect armed bank robbers. So, a man with a gun who demanded money at Chase Bank in Bishop stunned more than a few. The investigation continues.


Photo by Catherine Hurdle


It was just after 6pm Wednesday when a man wearing a dark tee shirt and light pants with a hat and sunglasses walked into Chase bank, apparently had a gun and demanded money from a teller. She gave him some cash and he fled down Main St. Officers provided us with surveillance images that we posted on our website last night.


Bishop Police and Inyo Sheriff’s deputies did respond immediately when they got the call about an armed robbery. A police officer began to dust for prints in the bank last night. Bishop Police Lieutenant Chris Carter said it is unknown if any of the prints lifted are those of the suspect. Officers will check them out. Lt. Carter did said that the police did contact the FBI to see if that agency had any similar bank robberies.

Officers had also scoured the area and followed up on leads called in by members of the public who had heard about the robbery over their police scanners. Nothing panned out. One report said a man was seen running through Bishop City Park toward the east. Another report said a man was seen changing his clothes in a field.


Lt. Carter said officers will check surveillance cameras of nearby businesses to see if the suspect was captured on tape. Immediately after the robbery, officers circulated in businesses with images of the suspect. If you have any solid clues related to this case, call Bishop Police at 760-873-5866.


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