Bishop Public Works urges residents to be ready for snow

City of Bishop news release

The possibility of snow is forecast the next few days in the Bishop area and the City of
Bishop Department of Public Works reminds residents and visitors to be prepared for
snow on city streets and sidewalks.

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Residents and businesses should clear snow from public sidewalks at their homes and businesses as soon as possible during and after snow. Clearing snow from sidewalks is especially important in areas that stay shaded from the low winter sun. If the snow is not cleared immediately, it can partially melt, then freeze and remain slippery for a long

State law and city policy makes the maintenance of sidewalks, including snow removal, the responsibility of the adjacent property.

When chains are required on Bishop-area highways, they should be also be used on
Bishop city streets. Chain requirements for state highways are available from Caltrans
including by dialing 511 from any phone. Since both Highway 168 and Highway 395 are
long routes, care is needed to ensure the chain requirements for the portions of those
highways in Bishop are noted.

Please help keep Bishop as safe and convenient as possible when it snows. Use snow
tires or chains as appropriate when driving on city streets and immediately clear snow
from sidewalks at your home or business. Your assistance is appreciated.

For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at
[email protected] or 760-873-8458.



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David Dennison
David Dennison
4 years ago

Gosh,remember the olden’ days… when it snowed,common sense would kick into gear…without being told when and how to do it ?