Big Raises at Mono Courthouse

At Tuesdays regular Board meeting, the Supervisors unanimously voted to raise the salaries of nearly 50 management level employees by an average of 11%.mono_courthouse.jpeg

The new salaries are based on averages gleaned from a 23 county survey. Some employees will receive raises as high as 24%, but the majority will see closer to a 10% increase. The Supervisors themselves will enjoy a 15% increase.

This methodology was adopted in September 05, when it brought about an average raise of 9%, according to Deputy CAO of Human Resources Bob Garret. The benchmarks are created every two years, with the off-years yielding raises based on a standard cost of living index. Last year, the index provided a 3% raise.

Garret explained that the survey helps the county to retain competitive salaries for desirable applicants. With Mono Countys rural location, recruitment often proves difficult, and staggering median home prices do no help the situation.

Several department heads were on hand to usher in the new salary structure. Mono District Attorney George Booth lauded the policy, saying the taxpayers of the county have benefited from the recruitment and retention of highly skilled employees.

Clay Neely, Director of Information Technology, discussed the reality that his department isnt competing with only the government sector for potential employees, but indeed, with the entire world.

Assessor Lovett, whose salary is also determined by the survey, was removed from the policy and will not receive a raise this year. The policy does not apply to any officer or employee whose work involves less than 40 hours a week, according to County Counsel Marshal Rudolph.

Chairman Hap Hazard recalled a day in Mono County when the view out the window was worth 10%, but acknowledged those days seem to be over.

County administration had predicted the raises to be 5% during this summers budget process, so the additional 6% will have to come out of contingency funds. The total cost of implementation will be close to $600,000.


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