A week after a bizarre and dangerous car chase down 395 led to his arrest, 26 year old Mammoth resident, Nathan Baird, appeared in Mono County Court.

On Monday December 10th, Baird allegedly stole two vehicles in Mammoth before he led officers on a low speed chase through oncoming traffic on 395. With two flat tires from CHP spike strips, Baird allegedly rammed one of the officers with a stolen green Ford Expedition.

Eventually officers were able to use their patrol vehicles to run the suspect off the road. There, with guns drawn, officers report that the suspect climbed onto the roof of the vehicle where he proceeded to laugh and dance. Officers shot the suspect four times with bean bag type shotgun rounds. Officers report that Baird continued laughing until Mono Sheriff officers arrived with a TASER and took the suspect into custody.

The morning prior to this incident, Mammoth Police reported that officers arrested Baird in the Tusk Bar at Main Lodge. Police say that reports indicated that Baird came into the bar, took off his clothes, laid down on a couch in front of a fire and went to sleep.

Kyle Graham, Deputy District Attorney for Mono County, reports that Baird has been charged with 2 counts of vehicle theft, reckless driving, felony evading, along with assault with a deadly weapon, in this case a car.

Highway Patrol officers had originally included Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, when they arrested the man. The DAs office has not charged Baird with DUI at this time. Deputy DA Graham reports that test results are still pending.

Graham explained that on Tuesday, the court appointed an expert to look into the possibility of mental health issues with Baird.


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