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  1. Eric January 16, 2015 at 11:48 am #

    Funny how the first thing I noticed here was the picture of the OHV enthusiast riding off-trail….then I realize this is a trail opposition page. I get it……… a life long OHV enthusiast myself, I completely understand the importance of staying on-trail, and keeping our land open to experience the beauty of the Eastern Sierras, and other California Deserts….and everyone needs to educate each other on the importance of staying on trail. Too often people get carried away and take a side turn and enjoy an adrenaline boost, but the few bad apples out there shouldn’t ruin the fun for the majority of people who play by the rules. Sadly, there isn’t enough education out there….signs, postings, public information etc, that help spread the word to enthusiasts how important it is to respect the trail. I believe we are living in a time right now that is all about the environment, and education about the do’s and don’ts…….we are making progress, and need to continue on that path of awareness. Shutting us out isn’t the answer….education is. If the money paid in by us tax payers, registration fees etc went more towards signage and education, we would make better progress. This is a family activity, and good people enjoy the outdoors. Keep our trails open……let’s work together to keep moving forward:)

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