Every Saturday night for 14 years, Sierra Wave Radio was lucky to have aired “The Jazz Show with John Wedberg” on the air. Of those 14 years John only missed 1 show, a feat he was very proud of, and rightly so.
John hit the ground running with a fantastic selection of what he called “The Golden Age of Big Band Jazz”.  John was a one man show running the radio board, talking up the bands and playing the CD’s.
John had a very loyal following that enjoyed not only the Big Band Music but also the wealth of knowledge about the bands that John would share with his listening audience.
Below is a “Letter to the Editor” (one of many) that we received from one of John’s fans. I  think the letter says it all.

Letter to the editor: Crazy for Wedberg
We have been staying in Bishop each October since 1998 and five years ago stumbled across The Jazz Show with host John Wedberg.  We have enjoyed this show a great deal.  John’s extensive knowledge about the songs of the era his music covers, makes the show a real learning experience.  His choices of music are wonderful.  We think Sierra Wave is fortunate to have such talent right here in Bishop.
We stay in a RV park for the month and have been sharing the show with others also staying there.  Every response to the show has been positive.  We are faithful listeners and now learned we can listen to your show while back in our home state of Oregon.  John deserves to know how much people enjoy his show and you deserve our thanks for having such a show.
Dan & Bev Fenske


Editor’s note:  Thank you, Fenskes, and we agree that we are very fortunate to have John Wedberg on our air waves.
Benett Kessler

Rest in Peace John, knowing that you left so many great memories for so many people.

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