Lions Club

The Bishop Lions Club will be serving its semi-world-famous pancakes at this Saturday’s Fall Colors Car Show in Bishop City Park, 7:30am to 9:30am  Slated for the first time in the park for perhaps more than 8 years, according to 2021-2022 Lions Club President Stan Smith and event co-chairs Bob Winzenread and Ron Stone, the breakfast menu will include all-you-can-eat pancakes for $ 8 per adult, and children 5 and under will be served free!  Menu includes pancakes, butter, syrup (sugary or sugar-free), utensils and plates, orange juice and coffee, and the most delicious sausage available west of the Pedernales River from the grill of Lion Bruce Kingsbury.

The Owens Valley Cruisers, headed by Ken Abbott and Doug Clair, indicate local classics will be shined and shown in the City Park, along with a collection of out-of-town chromed beauties.  The Cruisers have chosen City Park this year for the open air environment and show-goers’ ability to walk in shady comfort while admiring the metal monsters.  The Cruisers have invited the Bishop Lions Club annually to present its pancake breakfast as part of the event and the two go together wonderfully, well, like pancakes and melting butter and syrup!!

Further information on the Bishop Lions Club and membership in the organization and its community activities, please contact 2021-2022 President Stan Smith at 760-873-7826.  For the info from the Owens Valley Cruisers please contact Ken Abbott at 760-937-2643