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The Mono County Sheriffs Department continues to investigate the death of a 21-year-old Mammoth resident who went to sleep Friday night and did not wake up Saturday morning.

mono_county_soLt. Robert Weber reports that Brandon Misiurak had been drinking with friends Friday before going to sleep at about 10:00 pm on his friends couch. His girlfriend and friend realized that Misuriak was not breathing normally and placed him on the floor next to the couch. His friend checked on him later that night and found him snoring and breathing on the floor, but when his girlfriend checked on Misiurak the next morning at about 7:30, the young man was not breathing. Mono County Paramedics confirmed that the man was deceased.

While the young man was reported to have been drinking on Friday night, what caused the death remains uncertain. Friends also reported that Misiurak had not been drinking to excess, according to Lt. Weber. Weber also reports that Misiuraks girlfriend said that he may have fallen, and the victim had also been sick with a lung infection that required antibiotics in recent days.

The investigation into the death of this man continues.